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中文 EN
First the good quality of each project With the greatest sincerity to win the trust of each party
Projects Exhibit
  • Water Conservancy & Hydropower Project
  • Habor And Navigation Project
  • Municipal Project
  • Foundation & Base Project
  • Highway Project
  • Bridge Project
  • Blasting Project
1st Hydro News
Enter 1st Hydro

Zhejiang First Hydro & Power Construction Group co., ltd. (1st Hydro) was established in 1965, originally named as Zhejiang Hydropower Construction No. 1 Engineering Department at that time. In November 2011, the company standardized modern enterprise system and established Zhejiang Provincial No.1 Water Conservancy & Electric Power Construction Group Holdings Co. Ltd. The company is a highly qualified contractor specializing in top grade general contracting of hydroelectric construction. Until January 2016, it is the first province-owned enterprise with top grade qualification in hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering contraction and the only enterprise in Zhejiang province with the top grade qualification of hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering contraction. 

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